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En Route

It's Wednesday, August 19th and I woke up to the various boxes and bags I had packed by the door. Do you do that? Pack things up ahead of time? I was mostly ready...

There were a number of small things I wanted to finish, before heading over to Syracuse.

I still had a few sprigs of the sumac left over, so I decided to create some syrup and can it for later. Do you can?

This process feels so alchemical!

I love my steam canner, which sterilizes the jars relatively quickly.

This only works for the things that would work with water-bath canning.

As I worked, I had a chance to catch up with a few folks who called.

I heard about Z's travels through England...he ended up at many of the same places I visited last fall!

And we were able to determine some really important issues the collective is dealing with, among other things, (much like I mentioned yesterday): the embodiment and balancing of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine.

Isn't this a gorgeous color?

It's a lovely flavor, too, which can be added to sparkling water to make natural 'soda'!

Or - to kombucha- which is what I did for my trip.

As I finished washing up, I listened to the beginning of this documentary.

How will people react when they learn the truth, I wonder?

The drive was lovely and the cloud formations were incredible...

I arrived safely, having enjoyed some of the sumac kombucha (I didn't wait for the full second ferment).

My presentation is tomorrow night, 6:00 pm, for the Fingerlakes Dowsers ($5):

N. Syracuse Community Center

600 South Bay Rd.

N. Syracuse, NY 13212

Feel free to come - or send a friend that lives in the area!

Or...maybe you'll come to my Psychic Awareness Workshop on Friday at 5:00 pm, instead?

(There is a $45 charge for this one)

It's at the DeWitt Community Center

148 Sanders Creek Pkwy

E. Syracuse, NY 13057

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