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It's Tuesday, September 15th, and the beginning of Gate & Gene Key 6 (Shadow)Conflict – (Gift)Diplomacy – (Siddhi)Peace.

Additionally, we get two lines today: Line 1 - Retreat: The realization that wasting one's resources against overwhelming odds is not courage but folly. Line 2 - The guerilla: The ability to maximize an inferior position through timely contact and withdrawal.

As I considered what to share today, I realize that anything and everything that undermines

peace creates conflict.

Ultimately, I am always about the "Summum Bonum," Latin, meaning 'Highest Good.'

(I was taught by my father during summer vacations as a teen - not an overly happy memory, yet one I've reconciled).

My Family Crest: Clarior Hinc Honos, means: 'Brighter, hence the honor.'

Bringing things to light is not always easy.

Especially, finding out that everything that we've been hearing, learning, teaching...has not been the whole picture.

We are moving towards massive rebalancing and reeducating.

According to some news sources, this week and next are going to be very intense.

Have you been feeling it?

Are you aware of what I'm talking about?

As I was looking for the above title, I came across this book, Vital Physiology, with its introduction from Sept. 15th, 1908.

I'm always amazed at the books that 'jump into existence' in my closet!

What is this 'law of death'?

Who would wish this for anyone?

Are we ready to bring these death components to light for healing?

I started a detox program yesterday and realize now that our whole collective is going to be experiencing a detoxification of sorts...for the next two weeks.

I'm expecting there will be both internal and external conflict.

Grateful for the heads-up, I will be doing my best to maintain diplomacy in each interaction, trusting that the ultimate outcome of this whole experience will be: peace.

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