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Elementary, my dear Watson...

It's Wednesday, November 25th, Thanksgiving Day Eve. Other years I have been very busy preparing food for large family gatherings. This year, I am quietly contemplating all things for which I am so grateful.

Also, I am noticing the repetition of the theme 'elements,' in various capacities.

The recent tweet from Lin Wood (11.18.20 @11:33pm), who wrote:

"Life on Earth is one grain of sand. Eternity is every grain of sand above and below the water in every ocean in the world."

Then, in the intro of Paul Coelho's book, the line: "Only then - in the words of one of the saints - will the water extinguish what the flames have written."

Jeffon Seely wrote the daily affirmations in this month's Science of Mind digest, and as I caught up, I read this bit from Friday, 11.20, describing his experience in a sweat lodge: "Once in the shelter, the elder called for the ancestors to join and be placed in the center pit. These ancestors were the rocks heated in the fire outside the inipi throughout the day. Once these ancestors joined us, the door was shut, and in the darkness, water was poured over these ancestors to create heat, still the mind and connect with the Creator."

Have you been noticing anything similar?

What is the message here?

As I review my Mayan Birth Chart, I realize that all elements are here supporting humanity in this evolutionary process we are undergoing.

In some instances, they have been misused by those who have other agendas: water has been poisoned, hydrogels have been aerosolized, earth has been sprayed with toxins...

What's a person to do?

Though Arthur Conan Doyle never wrote the exact words I chose as today's title, which are attributed to Sherlock Holmes, he did write this:

Elementary,’ said he. ‘It is one of those instances where the reasoner can produce an effect which seems remarkable to his neighbor, because the latter has missed the one little point which is the basis of the deduction.’

What is that one little point? Could it be understanding our Quantum Connection?

We are comprised of all natural Elements and have the power to work with them. Love is kinetic and becomes action.

Anything that needs purification can and will be done, with our awareness and intention:

Today's (collective) Line 5 of Gate 34 is "Annihilation: The total elimination of resistance. Exaltation: The power to destroy completely and once this is accomplished, the ability to transfer the power to normal purposes. The resistance to release power other than when necessary."

I'd like to think that 'to normal purposes,' in this case might be 'for natural purposes'?

So, assisting in the purification of all elements in a natural way, and annihilating resistance is part of our Divine Responsibility, in whatever way you choose.

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