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It's Friday, March 19. It's a '9' day (think about wrapping up loose threads), numerologically, and a 'root' day, biodynamically.

With a long to-do list of small things that I've been wanting to finish, I got busy early.

As you can see, the sun had not even hit the top of the mountain at the time I ventured down to cut some elderberry branches this morning. There was a pretty good wind chill factor happening, so I got to work pretty quickly.

Did you know you can start elderberry bushes from cuttings?

I learned about it last year - and, since I love an experiment, have been waiting to give it a try...

As I worked, I marveled again at nature's generosity; there's something about knowing that you have access to - and can produce more of - what you love. That plants can be multiplied and shared - naturally.

This small act of cutting branches to bring inside and grow roots is also a tender act of hope...that somehow there will be a 'someday' to plant these babies.

There I go with 'hopium' again...

Especially in light of today's energy!

Gate 25:Line 2 - The existentialist Devotion and dedication to the now. Exaltation: The perfection of the intellect through concentration and focus on what is, rather than, what could be or has been. The innocence of the Self and its protection can only be maintained in the now.

As an eternal optimist, I maintain my focus on 'now,' intend for the future, and embrace what comes...

Have a fun Friday!

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