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It's Saturday, September 26. Last night I threw some PJs and toiletries into a bag and headed over to Webster, NH again.

There's something exciting about driving at night, don't you think?

It was a bit of a drive...still the anticipation and singing along with some mantras from Deva kept me going!

Kim, Jane, Stacie, and I were heading out at the crack of dawn this morning for a whirlwind trip through the White Mountains.

Leaf peeping. Sightseeing. Autumn enjoying.

First stop?

Tilt'n's Diner, where our server April was amused to think I would include her photo in my blog....

Breakfast was delicious and filling and kept us going all day!

It was fun to read about the diner, which has been in that location since 1992...even though it was originally built in 1953 in NJ by the O'Mahoney Diner Company.

Even though the day started out foggy, things cleared up after breakfast.

Do you live in a place where the foliage changes drastically?

Here, even a few days can make a big difference in color. Most folks think October is the time to visit for 'leaf-peeping'. I think the end of September is best; my favorite time is when things just start to change...and seeing the individual trees is like a treasure hunt.

Kim was an excellent tour guide, mentioning the names of the mountains, ski resorts, and towns.

This is the entrance to Lincoln. It's been years since I was there and it was fun to see that some things have not changed!

It was also the start of the 'loop' through the White Mountains and a terrific example of the colors.

Okay...we stopped for a bit of ginger cider.

Appropriate, yes?

I also found a small souvenir boulder, truth be told....

Doesn't everyone collect rocks?

Overall it was a fun trip and lovely way to spend Jane's last day in New England.

So, if you can - go out for a drive with friends. Enjoy this fleeting Indian Summer. Take photos and make memories!

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