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It's Thursday, August 5th. It's a '9' day, numerologically (I will be having a small celebratory fire shortly!) and a 'flower' day, biodynamically.

It's taken all day for me to get somewhat motivated, due to the heavy overcast skies...I pushed through a number of inside tasks and finally ventured out to the garden to mow.

Folks who called today have remarked on the strangeness they are sensing energetically.

Is it because it's a '9' day, while we are entering into a New Gene Key?

Gene Key 7: Virtue is its Own Reward; (Shadow)Division – (Gift)Guidance – (Enlightenment)Virtue

In his book, Rudd mentions that: "The ancient Chinese named this 7th hexagram of the I Ching The Army" (p.45)

I find this fascinating, in light of the info I shared yesterday.

Also, I was thinking about the prefix 'di-',

which can mean:

"two, double, twice, twofold,"


"apart, asunder,"


"through; in different directions; between."

Funny, huh? That this prefix before the word 'vision' makes it mean something else, entirely ...and not, in fact, 'double vision' or 'between vision.'

I can usually tell when I have to clear something because my vision gets very blurry-

and according to Karol K. Truman (about eyes):

"Retina represents your feelings; Fovea represents your thinking. They need to work together for proper vision. When we are not single-minded they begin to separate" (p.49).

It's even scriptural that the 'Lamp of the body is the eye' (Matt 6:22).

So, maybe these next few days will be about how to hold a unified vision; working to heal any kind of separation?

Like this issue within the Military (I say, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier has my utmost respect!)

Or how to share ideas that seem foreign or strange - and yet seem to make this idea about ancient trees.

Okay. That's all for eyes are ready for a rest!

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