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It's Saturday, September 19th. Yesterday was the first day of blogging that I missed - and I really missed it! - because (apparently) somewhere an optic cord was cut and phones and internet were out for Chester and three neighboring towns. It felt really strange to feel a little cut off from the world.

Do you realize how much time you spend on the internet?

Or phone? Texting? FaceTiming?

How often you 'google' information?

Whatever did we do before phones and internet?? know what I was still working on. No need for phones or the internet for that!

As I worked (constantly aware of the lack of connection!) I thought about a conversation I had a few days ago.

I was sharing some insight (controversial, maybe) that I had received about the Chakra System): how it was created/manipulated as a means to control our earth experience and utilize the specific frequencies that we generate through each chakra as a resource/food.

And how once we have become aware of each one and fully activate the 12 chakras in our body, we can directly activate our Source-connected Lightbody, instead, though Heart, Consciousness, Will, and Body. the chakra system wrong? Bad?


It's been a way for us to have the experience we needed to get us to this level of awareness.

It's part of the 'Content to Process Shift.'

It's not about the things that we're doing, the topics we're discussing - it's how we're doing it.

Becoming aware of ourselves in the process.

Like taping trim. It is so time-consuming!

Truthfully, I was griping about this the other evening...

Tape costs money and time. And when I'm done painting, it takes more time to remove it - and costs money to dispose of, too.

This is an invisible part of the process, though, and I loved Cortney for reminding me how wonderful it is to see clear lines.

So, I can choose not to hate it, or make it wrong. I can observe myself in the process and figure out it is working and benefits me.

Instead of griping about having no phone, no internet, the coming endings of so many ways we've engaged in being, maybe we can begin to engage in the 'how', the 'process.'

The "loving it all" is a Process Shift the world is going through right now. Even as we hear about and embrace more collective and personal shadows.

Can you love it all - every single experience (good and bad, seen and unseen - like the taping process!) that has led you to this moment?

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