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It's Thursday, February 18th. It's a '7' day numerologically (Look within!), and a 'fruit' day, again, biodynamically.

When I woke this morning (very early, around 3:30am), I reveled in my cozy nest and thought about how grateful I was to be here at this moment in time.

I'm grateful for my healthy body, for my mental capacity, the ability to be open-minded and aware...and I realized I must be in a Gate that I am familiar & comfortable with.

Sure enough! We have moved into Gene Key 55 (The Dragonfly's Dream), which is the first Gate of my personal Human Design chart: (Shadow) Victimisation - (Gift) Freedom-

(Siddhi) Freedom.

In Human Design, this Gate is about 'Abundance,' with Line 1 - Co-operation "Exaltation: The expansion of activity through cooperation with powerful forces through principled actions that guarantee continued support and engender prosperity. The potential to find the spirit through co-operation with powerful forces."

There is no doubt in my mind that everything on this planet has been working together towards an agenda of Awakening. It's part of moving out of the shadow of Victimisation to Freedom. No in-between, did ya notice?

That said, as a collective, we have been held at a certain level of awareness, and unaware of the bonds that have kept us here.

I needed to wake up and really see the ways my consciousness was being manipulated, before I could disengage and choose Freedom.

Have you done that?

It's not entirely easy...

Especially when there are things that we still can't comprehend.

Like the concept of a Global Conspiracy, for example. How could that even exist, right?

Or things that are taken out of context and debunked, by Snopes and other 'fact-checkers.'

Maybe it's time we debunk the narrative that we have freedom - and have been held at a frequency of free-dumb?

I truly believe we are not truly free until everyone is free; awakened from hidden, denied, and self-victimization. It's a quantum reality, really.

Like Wendell Willkie so eloquently acknowledged," If we want to talk about freedom, we must mean freedom for others as well as ourselves, and we must mean freedom for everyone inside our frontiers as well as outside."

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