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Cycles & Circles

It's Wednesday, June 24th and I woke to rain. I love the sound of it on the greenhouse roof!

It also gave me permission to doze for a have a lucid dream about a timeline portal to 1920! When Tony called and I told him bout it, he reminded me that 1920 was a big year for the Spanish Flu 50 million dead. Hmm. Interesting:1920 - 2020....a 100-year cycle?

The lovely wise women in my Awakened Mind Group sent some profound quotes in response to the theme I provided yesterday:'transformational change.' I'm sharing two that made me further contemplate the concept of cycles...

Susie sent:

"When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she had always been. But she had wings." Dean Jackson

Joy sent:

“Nobody really metamorphoses. Cinderella is always Cinderella, just in a nicer dress. The Ugly Duckling was always a swan, just a smaller version. And I bet the tadpole and the caterpillar still feel the same, even when they're jumping and flying, swimming and floating. Just like I am now.”

Holly Smale, Geek Girl

I love this group of women! In fact, I love all of my Circles..and am finding that some of them are starting to overlap!

What struck me (as I was harvesting dill and finding this lovely caterpillar), is that each group of friends is programming the Morphogenetic Field in their own unique way with the friendship, energy, and intention they bring.

Do you have a group or circle of friends that you work with this way? Have you noticed that diversity makes the group richer? More expansive?

When individuals can honor, respect, and appreciate each other's differences, it unifies the group in ways that take it to the next level. It's always nice to figure out what you do have in common...

and watch the cycle of growth and transformation. The sum is always greater than its parts!

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