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Happy Friday, November 20th. I've been going steady today: cooking and baking.

Working with all of my favorite recipes - and finding new ones....

As I worked on baking up the lentil crackers (did I tell you about accidentally sprouting the lentils? No accidents really, right?)

I considered the exaltation and detriment of Gate 14:Line 5 today: "Arrogance

The ever present risk inherent in positions of power.

Exaltation: Innate dignity. Innate dignity that is a key to power.

Detriment: A dissatisfaction with the gifts of others that creates feelings of superiority. Innate recognition of those without power fueling the illusion of superiority."

Perhaps this is why I don't like the idea of anyone telling me what to do - or how to do it?

Perhaps it's why I have been 'released' from other groups: Marconics, CAES, the Rockingham Library?

Perhaps it's why I'm having a bit of a challenge with the covid mandates from Governor Scott?

Rather than understanding each individual's inherent gifts and encouraging them to become more fully empowered and self-governing, arrogant (cult?) leaders decide what's best.

I'm in a place of feeling a little bit of civil disobedience coming on, myself...after all:

"When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson

As my 3-year old Inner Child would say: You're not the boss of me!

As I mixed, baked, and cleaned today, I listened to various fascinating bits of information:

This piece on the Covid Cult, a charming channeling by St. Germain, this fun explanation of what is happening by Bruce Lipton....

There is so much to become aware of!

Wouldn't arrogance just keep us from being willing to learn more? From each other?

Appreciating the diverse gifts we each bring?

As we come to the end of this cycle, I feel excited by the prospect of recognizing how expansive we really are and how we might encourage each other to rise into more power with dignity and kindness.

And maybe I can find forgiveness for myself for those times I brought in leaders to reflect how not to lead...gotta love the contrast, right?

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