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Crystal Clear

It's Saturday, August 22nd, 2020, which is numerologically an '8' day.

This is my number (usually in whichever form it takes). According to Louise Hayes, it's also about 'getting down to business.'

Additionally, we're moving into Gate 59: (Shadow) Dishonesty – (Gift) Intimacy – (Siddhi) Transparency. Crystal clear transparency. 

I got myself dressed and ready; packed up my things and admired the lights in the bathroom.

Do you have any crystal in various forms in your home?

I realize Suzanne has them all through her house- reflecting light. Radiating clarity.

The fact that I noticed this theme, too (especially after writing about 'collections')

prompted me to write about it.

When I got downstairs, Suzanne pointed out that my first client was waiting on the massage table for his Q17 session.

Ha! That Bob!!

What a funny sense of humor....

This one went relatively quickly, followed by 7 others. More and more, I realize with crystal clarity that giving energy sessions is important work and part of my purpose.

After lunch, I refilled my water bottle from the crystal water pitcher.

I wondered if water tastes better when it's served from a lovely container?

Just like food tastes better on beautiful, handmade dishes?

I certainly did find myself drawn to a specific pottery mug!

I have been so grateful for the love shared here, during this visit.

As we move through the next few days of this Gate, I'm looking forward to seeing a few more friends, where the intimacy is pretty familial.

Are you ready to move into that level of crystal-clear transparency - with everyone?

Because, as Richard Rudd reminds us: "We, humanity, are a super-cell. We will learn and remember this truth. This is the deepest kind of intimacy possible. All the old cliches are true.

We truly are one world, one people, one heart."

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