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Create. Share. Educate.

It's May 27th. It's a '1' day, numerologically (did you make your foundational to-do list for the next 8 days?) and until about 7:00pm, it was still a 'leaf' day; I managed to get some spinach, chard, and lettuce planted - I'm still playing catch-up in the vegetable garden! Oh...whom am I kidding? I'm still playing catch-up everywhere in the garden!

I was grateful Chris came over to talk about ideas and next steps - and we did some weeding while talking by the pond.

The proud Mama that I am, I shared a bit about my visit with Nathan last night.

Nathan and I had discussed everything we were formally releasing; what no longer serves us - and then what we wanted to imagine into existence.

When I asked Nathan to describe in 3 words what he loved most about the last job he held, he succinctly summarized:

Create, share, educate.

Ahhhh....pretty wise. It feels like these would be good words for any/everyone to consider as motivating factors:

Am I creating things I love and enjoy?

Am I sharing it with folks who are interested?

Is there an opportunity for me to educate them about my creative process/product?

Chris is creating a fabulous barn gathering space, himself. We brainstormed some of the fun/cultural/educational events he was considering and I look forward to seeing the improvements since the last time I visited.

Perfect for this "Gate 16: Enthusiasm; Gate of Skills. The Skills for Living - Life as Art The great art of enriching life by the harmonic channeling of energy. Experimentation to find the 'Perfect' skillful expression.

Line 2 - The Cynic The sharpness to burst bubbles. Exaltation: Self-reliance and the skill to judge objectively any claim regardless of rhetoric. The expression of the skill to judge objectively."

Do you know what your 'perfect' skillful expression is?

What makes your heart sing to create?

Even if any cynic tried to burst your bubble...or tried to silence you?

It's good to move forward into this dreaming/experimenting place... it's how we're anchoring 5D!

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