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It's Wednesday, August 5th, and the rain has stopped.

We've also entered Gate 7 (which lasts from 8/5-8/10: The Elected Leader. Today, Line 1 is about "The capacity of the Self to guide with authority."

In the Gene Keys, Rudd states this time period to be about: (shadow) Division - (gift) Guidance - (siddhi) Virtue

Seems timely, yes?

As I stepped into the freshly washed garden, I thought about everything that has been happening on a personal and global scale.

How much I resonate with being my own authority and leading myself (some might say 'rebel') and yet honoring others in their choice to follow other's rules and guidance -even if it feels illogical.

It is sometimes a trick to hold love and space for 'division,' huh?

Again, this feels like an opportunity to ground firmly in the energy of 5D being, in virtue, where every option is allowed and choices are honored.

I love connecting with like-minded people and 'emerging' new ideas and concepts.

As I do, I recognize the areas that I can expand and grow within myself:

I'm pulled from the inside - out, and the outside-in.

With all of these realizations buzzing through my consciousness, I began making the

'Black Drawing Salve.'

Purifying and detoxifying ingredients include:

  • Herbal infused oils from the plants in my garden

  • activated charcoal

  • bentonite clay

  • beeswax

  • lavender, rosemary, clove essential oils

  • cinnamon

Can you see the colors that the prism added?

Another level of healing....

I considered all ways we can 'draw out, purify, and detox.' I would not use ingredients on the outside of my body (creams, lotions, etc.) that I would not use inside my body - and vice versa.

As this salve is cooling, I think about the people who will purchase it, happy to use it to draw out venom, impurities, etc.

It is goopy and it might stain. Sometimes healing can be messy.

That said, the ingredients and intentions are aligned and pure - and who wouldn't love this consistency?

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