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Connecting Hearts

It's Sunday, February 14th. We have this annual celebration of love, though I believe that every day is an opportunity to expand our hearts, eat chocolate and stop to smell the flowers.

Also, it is Gate 30 'The Clinging Fire' Gate of Feelings;Surrendering to Fate

and Line 3 - "Resignation The acceptance of what is. Exaltation: The awareness and manifestation of the law of regeneration. The laws of Karma, reincarnation and resurrection. The feeling to accept what is. Detriment: The tendency by its very knowledge to encourage or avoid despair. The positive or negative feelings which come with acceptance of what is."

I have been so grateful today, for the love that has shown up here at the Barn.

Every time I host a Clearing Circle, I feel the ancestors waiting for their family members to arrive.

The folks who showed up for the Circle today (on Valentine's Day? I know, right? and yet, really, what better way to connect from the heart?) were so courageous, caring, authentic, and powerful!

We were able to share stories, reframe experiences to find the 'gift,' which allowed greater acceptance of what is. This is not quite the same as looking through the world through rose colored glasses...close, though!

Releasing the stuck energies allowed us to bring in new, regenerative energy - and realize how much we have in common!

So hugs and (chocolate) kisses to you.

And Happy Valentine's Day!

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