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It's Sunday, May 3rd...and I realized that as the first Sunday, I have been holding time at 3:00 pm this afternoon for a Sacred Circle...without sending out an invite.

My apologies...perhaps you can still join? It's a perfect opportunity, as we have collectively moved into Gene Key 2 for the next 6 days, which is all about 'Returning to the One.' Even as I look at the shadow of this gate, which is 'dislocation,' I can tune into the collective sense of disconnect that the physical distancing directive has created.

Before there were religions to explain how we were to worship and participate in a ritual called 'communion,' was the word itself.

communion= from com- "with, together" +unus "oneness, union."

Were you raised with religion?

I was raised with Sunday School in a very rigid religion. At one point, I became so disillusioned, I threw out the baby with the bathwater. I disconnected.

As I worked to orient and align my personal compass, I started to understand how spiritual concepts were mistaken, misinterpreted, and misappropriated by churches and their leaders.

I now refer to myself an 'evolved Mormon,' which my mother says is blasphemous.

(I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.)

That said, I trust and honor the Love & Connection that comes, when I connect from my heart with God directly, and I AM so grateful to connect with others, who recognize their own inherent noble Divinity and our collective Unity.

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