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Comfrey & Crocosmia

It's Sunday, June 26th and I'm savoring this day of being in the garden, before next week's virtual classes.

It's such a glorious time of year that I find myself resisting spending any length of time at all online or inside...

The air smells divine, fragrant, and floral. Every color lily is enjoying her 'day.'

What will it look like to co-create (higher/any) learning opportunities that feel natural and joyful? That don't necessarily include computers and technology?

This is my Crocosmia 'Lucifer', huh?

You can imagine how much the little hummingbirds love it! (I think there are a few that have built nests - not that I would see them, as they are smaller than a quarter!)

Personally, I appreciate it's striking, sculptural form and curious name.

When every blossom opens fully, it is a sight to behold.

I also started the comfrey oil for salve making.

This year I am excited to make another type of salve. According to Nicole Apelian, "black salve is a herbal treatment option for boils, wounds, tick bites, cactus spines, embedded glass shards, and many more. Apart from that, the salve is highly effective for accelerating the healing process from bugs, ticks, spider bites, thorns, and ingrown hairs."

What a great herbal remedy, huh?

And a quick trip to the river in the afternoon to contemplate Lucy's poem:

"it’s not victimization it bam bam bam holy wow !!!

I had no idea I wasn’t free

what a shift just jolted inside of me

To humbly admit I saw no door

That  Freedom existed - no more

Where have I been that I didn’t see

self imprisonment is all around me

Holy wow - thank you cosmic shift

Today is the day the gates shall lift"

Pretty powerful, Lucy!

How am I continuing to see myself as anything but free?

Oh yes...well, I suppose I could play hooky!

Maybe doing it today will allow me to be more fully present tomorrow?

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