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It's Wednesday, March 31st. Biodynamically, it's a 'flower' day; numerologically, it's a '3' day.

When we shift to a new month, are you one of those people that says: "Rabbit, Rabbit"?

I plan to remember for tomorrow, as it's the new month AND we're coming up on Easter!

When I woke up this morning for the first time - around 4:30am, it was because I was having an amazingly realistic dream of being chased by an evil being, who threw some type of electrical weapon at me that sizzled, popped, and burned. The intensity jolted me awake and I wrote down what I could remember.

Have you been having intense dreams? Are you awaking unscathed?

I shook it all off and drifted back to sleep for a few hours.

I had time for a cup of tea, before my call with Christina, 'Reflector Extraordinaire'.

It was lovely to catch up and hard to believe so many months had passed. She reminded me that the last time we had connected was in October; I had sent an article to some mutual friends, one of whom then politely told me to pound sand.

Christina informed me it might be helpful to work on my 'presentation.'

As I worked today, I ruminated on this advice.

I've heard it before. Like somehow I am supposed to sugarcoat the truth to make it easier to swallow...

Ugh. That is not really my style. I'm a pretty straight shooter and while I do my best to be tactful, it is not my job to self-censor truth to make someone comfortable.

In fact, real growth happens outside of our comfort zones.

And, if you find yourself moving into fear, you have options; here are some acronyms to consider:

1.) FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

2.) FEAR: F@#! Everything And Run

What might you choose? Which feels the most empowered?

I'm working on clean-up right now of a mess left by the utility company...on a microcosmic level.

Here's today's Gate 21: Line 3 - Powerlessness

Where the just are condemned to a futile confrontation with superior forces.

Exaltation: Defeat as a survivable humiliation often acceptable through the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Unless one follows one's own material path, the breaking of the ego by superiors.

Detriment: Total withdrawal. A lack of will for the material path in order to protect the ego.

I guess I'm following my 'own material path.' It's messy and not always easy - and that's okay. At this point, I am comfortable with the cleaning, clearing process; I am powerful that way.

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