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Christmas Eve

It's Thursday, December 24th. In German: 'Heilig Abend': Holy Eve.

As a teen, living in Germany, I remember going out caroling with my family...and surprising all of the families that were unaware of this tradition. I still love singing Christmas carols and find myself amazed that I remember all of the lyrics.

That said, this season has been so very different, that when I find myself humming Adeste Fideles, or Stille Nacht, it's a bit of a surprise.

Have your norms changed?

I did not put up a tree, or lights, or decorations.

I did not mail Christmas cards or packages.

Instead, I've been quietly drinking tea, stitching orgone quilts, and keeping the woodstove going.

I've been focusing on all of the wonderful people that I feel so blessed to have worked with, spoken to, and emailed this year. My gratitude for all of you is immense!

I've been reading various books and articles -fiction and non-fiction - and savoring hibernation.

And I've been dreaming, imagining, and visioning the world I would like: collaboration, peace, acceptance, harmony, transparency, healing, love.

This is the last day of Gate 10: Line 6

"The role model The perfect expression of the norms through action rather than words. Exaltation: The constant example that refocuses the complacent on the basic integrity of set behaviour. The enduring value of the expression of the Self through action rather than words."

I wish you a blessed and peaceful 'Holy Eve.'

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