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It's Tuesday, December 15th. Where has this month (let alone year!) gone??

Right now I'm quietly contemplating what's next, as plans seem to have rearranged themselves...

After checking for mail (thank you, lovelies, for all of the Christmas cards!!) I spent a moment in the sun. With the wind today, it's pretty cold!

I do love the opportunity to feel the sun on my face, though, so I stayed outside until I couldn't feel my fingertips anymore...

Now, I'm contemplating today's Gate 11:

Line 2 - Rigour

"The recognition that without vigilance and risk, peace can lead to stagnation and collapse.

Exaltation: The imagination applied to ensuring the understanding of achieved values. A sense of boredom overcome through the imagination."

Maybe this means I have permission to imagine - rigorously?

One of my favorite stories as a child was the story, "The Little Princess," by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

This story was perfect for activating and engaging my very lively imagination.

Did you love to read, as a child?

Do you still?

I do...

Perhaps it's what inspired me to continue sharing books and reading, as an adult.

Now, though, I'm as excited to spend time dreaming up my own ideas of what would feel like fun..creative, collaborative fun.

I love the idea of working with others to imagine how we might bring amazing change about for this next decade...including happiness, health, wisdom, wealth, and love.

Turns out humans can be really creative when we refuse to default to conditioning and programming.

Now, the real work may simply be to 'chill' ...(how's that for doable??) ...and engage in rigorous imagining: what would YOU like to see?

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