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Checklists & Such

It's Thursday, July 15th. It's a '9' day, numerologically, which meant a lot of finishing things up (...did you get to do that?), and biodynamically, it's a 'root' day - for the next two days, too. I had hoped to get a few hostas transplanted, however, that just didn't make the list.

What did make the list?


  • laundry (always count it!!)

  • a trip to Home Depot with Joe to get the materials for the deck

  • weeding the front of the house

  • cutting back plants in the herb garden

  • mowing

  • weed-whacking (yes, I count mowing and weed-whacking as two separate things

  • returning calls...

  • cooking/baking for this weekend

It was also terrific to have the road crew return to add some blacktop to my driveway, as it was a bit of a cliff!

There was a point where I considered how funny it is to still be dealing with mundane chores and day-to-day living...while holding an awareness of what's going on behind the scenes. Do you know what I mean? Like this info on Graphene Oxide.

And yet, that is, apparently, the energy of today: "Gate 62:Line 4 - Asceticism Exaltation: The perfected ascetic withdrawal in the pursuit of harmony and simplicity, where outside dangers do not exist, and there is time to pursue inner meaning in detail. Detail that can only be expressed after periods of isolation and reflection."

Good. This '9' day closes with simplicity! I'm good with that...

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