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Cazimi Moon

It's Thursday, February 11th; a '9' day and a 'root' day. Also, it is a New Moon in Aquarius!

I will start (and close) with insight from Lisa Verschoor, who writes: "New Moon in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the Great Awakener.....

Aquarius symbolizes the broad spectrum of a united humanity. Its primary objective is the ever evolving mission to transform society and dismantle plutocracy in order for all voices to rise harmoniously, no matter their views. Aquarius represents Genius, Humanitarianism, Idealism, Astrology, Technology, Philanthropy, Computers, Weather, and Group-think. Its intellectual capacity is stellar when applied objectively, progressively, and insightfully towards a larger vision. We are all now called to the table of humanity to participate in forming that larger vision based on truths that are self-evident.

Additionally, "any planet within 17' (minutes of arc) from the Sun is said to be “Cazimi” or “in the heart” of the Sun. This is the highest form of accidental dignity (in contrast to essential dignity). The average speed of the Moon is such that it remains Cazimi for about an hour—half an hour before and half an hour after the time of the New Moon."

Did you catch that 17?

Yeah, that made me pretty happy...

As did these fab barn quilts that I am temporarily utilizing as small coffee tables!

(Thank you, Linda!)

As I look to today's Gate 49:Line 5, I feel inspired to acknowledge encouragement, as one of the 'provisions.'


Exaltation: Practical provisions for the needs of others in revolutionary times which ensures support and continued understanding. A potential sensitivity to the practical needs of others.'

And though it may not seem practical, I had such fun playing with colored lightbulbs this afternoon!

In closing, Lisa's astrological insight:

'The power afforded to all of us during this unique cycle is best used to go within ourselves and re-evaluate what we believe and determine the foundation of our own truths. This is a time of new beginnings and a time to seed intentions for new growth and possibilities. We have an opportunity now, through this collective charge, for renewed faith and hope. We are reminded during the powerful days ahead to let go of what no longer aligns with our purpose and dreams, so that we might clear the way for the flow of what is fresh and new. We all have the chance to be part of something bigger than what we perceive as our own world.'

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