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Buried Treasure

It's Wednesday, August 12th, and the 100th day that I have sent out a 'quotes theme' to my Awakened Mind Group in the U.K. Yay! It's like a little treasure hunt for me to send a good theme... they then respond with a favorite quote they find, aligned with that theme.

I love the idea of sleuthing and finding treasure. To me, it's the investigator aspect of my Human Design profile that thrills for discovering something that seems interesting, fun, new (or old), and worthy.

Have you ever had a real treasure experience?

What would you consider to be treasure?

No doubt, your definition of treasure might have changed since you were Calvin's age...

When I was first working on the lower garden beds, there were several items of 'buried treasure.'

I was happy to let the 1960s Jeep go to a scrap metal dealer...

The twisted Hay Rake, however, I kept.

It's become a piece of 'Garden Art.'

I've also left treasure in the garden for the fairies and little people.

It's funny to think that these various foreign coins likely had value to me at some point.

Now, I'm pretty sure some of them are completely obsolete.

I trust that because they are shiny and offered with love - they have more value as 'fairy treasure.'

What do you do with your change?

Then, there's the chipmunks and squirrels, who bury treasure everywhere - and forget where it is!

See this?

It's a lovely asparagus plant, courtesy of a busy, busy, busy critter, that harvested some seeds from the asparagus patch and buried them in the orchard bed. Where they grew!

I will eventually relocate them back with the other plants.

This was the buried treasure today!

A 'root' a perfect day for harvesting some garlic...

Again, it's so generous of Mother Nature:

I plant one clove - and get a whole bulb!

What treasure are you finding these days?

Maybe a new friendship? A new recipe? A hidden hiking trail? A great quote?

It' fun, when you remember: "There's Treasure Everywhere!"

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