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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

What is in a name?

For slightly more than 33 years I have used the name Harwood. Though I divorced their father in 2003, I kept this surname so as not to confuse or alienate my young sons. Now, they are grown.

This year's birthday countdown is bringing all things (Heart/Consciousness, Will, and Body) into alignment: I'm cleaning out closets, dealing with storm and raging flood destruction here At Dream Barn Hollow ( July 10th), considering next steps...and reclaiming my name.

I took some time to consider everything that I've done over the last 33 years, as it feels a bit like I am merging these timelines, in order to move forward in a more wholistic way.

It will be the first time I am Alice Buchanan here on the East Coast. The last time I was Alice Buchanan was in fact, I attended the Highland Games and won a bottle of Buchanan Scotch Whisky (hilarious, really, as I was not even old enough to be drinking!)

As Alice Buchanan, I studied languages and art. I traveled a lot. I was filled with a joie de vivre I am ready to reclaim...and I am painting again!

How funny, too, that "The Buchanan surname currently ranks as 117th most common in Scotland." (Maybe you know this is a favorite number of mine - part of my personal awakening?)

Maybe this will be the year I visit Scotland?

On the crest, "the black lion - represents ferociousness, bravery, and the valour of the Buchanans, one of the most desirable family crest symbols. The fleur-de-lis border pattern - represents purity, light, and religious connections including connections of the Virgin Mary. A connection to the Buchanan family's early religious associations."

The motto: Clarior Hinc Honos means "Brighter, hence the honor;" certainly, there are some very bright tartans associated with Buchanan. I opted for the more muted hunting tartan for my kilt back in the day.

I just wanted you to know - in case you get an email from me and are wondering -who the heck...?!

I will continue to hold the Light of Spirit here in Vermont, honoring my heritage and Ancestors.

As we close out the next few days of Gene Key 33 (It's a theme, this master number 33!): The Final Revelation (Shadow: Forgetting; Gift: Mindfulness; Siddhi: Revelation)

I imagine this means we will become aware of even more things we have forgotten about who we are...and perhaps remember memories that need to be mindfully addressed and healed. I trust that more will be revealed as we continue to collectively shine our light.

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