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It's Wednesday, June 23rd. It's a '7' day, numerologically (did you take a ride in the country? Take time to look within?) and a mostly 'gray' day, biodynamically, until this evening, when it became a 'leaf' day.

It's late again now, and I realize that it feels like there has been a bit of a rush to get everything done before the Full Moon (tomorrow). What 'everything,' you ask?

Yeah, I'm not even sure. Somehow on the Higher Plane of existence I trust I know, so I'm simply doing my best to lean into the 'whispers,' or in some cases, 'shouts.'

Today did flow - though I woke early and felt a bit groggy, I got everything together and headed over to Westminster.

Here I met the most adorable couple who had requested my assistance in divining their well.

Not only did we find a (thrice confirmed) spot, we were also able to identify and transmute compacted energies in the land, and do some personal healing.

It's always a blessing when the grandmothers show up; they always arrive with emotion.

Laughter, tears - all part of clearing.

After a few other errands, I was happy to return home and return a few phone calls, before another outing this afternoon.

And so we arrive at "Gate 15:Line 5 - Sensitivity The ability to sense when otherwise balanced behaviour must be adjusted to meet the requirements of changing environment. Exaltation: The power to grow. The capacity of the Self to grow through experiencing the extremes."

Will this pace ever slow down? Will we be able to continue working such extremes?

I do believe we will continue to bring in the energy we need, so long as we are willing to show up and participate in the work we came to earth to do...

Just call it in! Just grow.

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