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It's Sunday, May 17th. I woke early and slowly this morning...both of which are a good way for me to start each day. Are you a morning or night person? Do you feel more productive in the AM or PM? Do you jump right out of bed - or start slowly? Do you have a morning ritual?

I seem to have given up a lot of rituals, however, my slow start allowed me to consider what I wanted to do - so I shuffled the deck of 'Blessed Be' cards by Lucy Cavendish. As I did, the following card fell out. It felt like relevant confirmation...a beautiful blessing. So, I am sharing:

May you surrender to this moment, to feel the reweaving of yourself with yourself, and as you do this, may you be blessed with the light to pierce the darkness and see what lies ahead.

May you begin to rediscover who you are, and with that, a knowing of what you must do next.

May the gift of understanding and compassion, of the inner knowing which can unite us all, be with you always.

Give your self space and allow your heart to speak to you again.

I sat quietly and then took a walk out into the garden, feeling peaceful and serene. These lovelies showed themselves and I laughed, considering the trilliums on the card!

I also considered the metaphor I had been given yesterday: that every person & perspective is needed and valued, like each knot in a dreamcatcher's web.

Such is the story of the God Indra's Web, which stretches infinitely in all directions.

Within each "knot" of the web is a single brilliant, perfect jewel, which reflects every other infinite jewel, as well as each of the reflected images of the jewels— infinity to infinity. Whatever affects one jewel effects them all.

As I find my way to embody peace, serenity, truth, and clarity, it can radiate out to the whole web....

Whaddya say? Are you in?

I wish you continued blessings as you find Your way, today.

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