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Binge (n.)

It is Friday, July 10th (Happy Birthday, Sarah!).

From the moment I woke up early this morning, I was at all-systems-go. This seemed a bit surprising - even to me, especially when it. is. so. hot.

To start, the internet was down, and I needed to determine, whether it was just me - or everywhere...

Just me.

While I was waiting for them to open, I got started sorting linens.

And from there, I just kept going: laundry, hanging, folding, wiping, tossing, washing, recycling...

Have you ever gone on a binge? Okay. But a cleaning binge?

Etymology of binge:

1854, "drinking bout," also (v.) "drink heavily, soak up alcohol;" dialectal use of binge "soak" (a wooden vessel). (London, 1848) as a dialect verb for "To soak in water a wooden vessel, that would otherwise leak," to make the wood swell. Sense extended c. World War I to include eating as well as drinking. Binge-watching is from 1996.

(I'm ready for a soak in the tub, actually!)

Now, mind you - it's not all the visible things that have been cleaned!

Today was about strange little drawers, cupboards, under-the-sink kind of cleaning.

And while I was cleaning behind a bookshelf, I found this:

Who knows where or when it came from!

I am just in awe that the Universe gives me little clues that I'm on the right path.

Have you been finding new things - to make up for the ones that have been disappearing?

I realized that I have achieved one of my challenges: to get every room in the house cleared and ready for paint!

Do you know that your brain doesn't care if you achieve a big accomplishment or not - it gives you hormone rush, regardless?

So all the little things that you do - when you make your to-do lists and then cross them off - you get a happy little dopamine fix!

I have to say - that must be what carried me today.

And now, I am looking forward to my other reward: a cup of bee balm tea.

Have you tried it?

Super easy: two fresh bee balm blossoms steeped in boiling water for ~10 minutes.

It is so lovely!

The rain just started and I'm happy to have things organized enough that I can wake up to clear counters...

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