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It's sunny this Friday, July 24th. A very happy way to start this New Gate: 31- whose shadow is

Arrogance; gift is: Leadership; and siddhi: Humility.

In the 64 ways, Rudd writes: "Courage is a key quality of Leadership, not the courage to run headlong at the enemy or do something externally impressive. It’s the inner courage to stay absolutely centred in our own Truth, in the truth of our heart, even when others may not understand and may project all kinds of things onto us. It’s about standing firm in our own self love." 

When I think about courage (and awareness) - it's the color orange and I picked up my citrine and walked outside to tune in.

The sun sparkling on the asparagus made the dew drops look like diamonds.

Can you see the spectrum of color coming in with the rays?

There is so much information coming in right now, through the sun!

I spent a moment in gratitude, thinking about

Truth (which is the meaning of the name 'Alice') and how it does take courage to speak truth and stay in your heart...especially when folks aren't receptive or open to hearing.

As if to confirm all of these themes, these are the cards that showed up:

Past. Present. Future.

How about 2 fire cards and the sun? Wow!

I've heard August will be hot - may be in more ways than one, huh? Holy fires of transformation, anyone?

And then: Awareness. Awakening. The Sun.

It's big! Here's an amazing article on awareness from Jose Stevens.

I like to think that Truth illumines everything with light like the Sun. And as I become more aware, I'm willing to shift into a greater state of acceptance, openness, and humility: how can I allow your truth to inform me?

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