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It's Wednesday, November 18th. We have arrived at the middle of Gate 14: Line 3 - Service "The utilization of talent and wealth for the highest good. Exaltation: Selfless contribution to society. The key to power lies in selfless contribution to others."

Have you noticed that I rarely include the detriment for each Gate?

Have you wondered why?

In reality, it occurred to me this morning that I have likely addressed the Shadows of most Gates, inherent in my personal design; the triggers I still identify and clear are Gates defined by planetary alignments.

I mentioned this yesterday, working with Z and Cortney, who tuned into a past lifetime we three shared and sketched her memory of me...

...from that period in time.

Aren't the details amazing?

She mentioned that in that lifetime, there were times I traded and bartered with folks - and simply passed on the items I had acquired to those in need of them.

That is what today felt like to me: a steady flow of phone calls, visits, and emails that felt beautifully orchestrated in their timing....especially when I remembered to acknowledge the assistance I receive from the Other Side.

Know what I mean?

(Photo credits: Stacie Kohart)

All of our friends and family who have passed to that non-physical realm are so wanting and waiting to be of assistance - and will help out the moment we remember to acknowledge and invite them....sometimes even before!

I felt helped all day today in clearing, editing, and advising.

Then, this evening I needed to replace a part that arrived for the dryer. I had unscrewed the door and was attempting to remove the broken latch, all of which felt ridiculously challenging.

At that moment, I desperately ran through a mental list of people available to 'talk me through the process,' and got Wally. His crusty, no-nonsense, step-by-step guidance had me finished in no time. I was so grateful!

How often I forget we have this Divine Guidance/Ancestral Assistance available to us....from their higher perspective.

And when I remember to request it, I have more energy, resources, and insight available to offer everyone who turns to me, in their own moment of need - until they remember it is available to every one of us.

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