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I wish you a happy last day of April, on this Thursday, April 30th. This has certainly been a fascinating ride, n'est-ce pas?

And by last night, I realized it's all really just starting...

Before I venture further in that direction, let's consider today's title: autocorrect. The pre-fix 'auto-' means: naturally, self, one's own, by oneself, of oneself, independently; of itself ('natural, native, not made'); just exactly; together with.

Wow, huh? How many ways do you know that word is used? Typing, texting, navigating...

And now bring it home. To self. To you. At some level, there is an aspect of you that is always aware of who YOU are, where you are going, and what your purpose is. Sometimes that aspect is called the Soul, the Authentic Self, or Higher Self. I acknowledge it as my Source-Self connection and know that I AM part of all that is. I transcend every level of time, space, and dimensions - though at the moment it feels crazy enough just navigating between 3D, 4D & 5D!

Right now we are moving into the whole reason we chose to be here in this human experience. Over the next weeks, we will be seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing things that may feel overwhelmingly challenging.

Do you know what I mean? Like when the whole apple cart gets overturned? Have you already been feeling it?

This is where we trust that, at some level, we know exactly what is happening.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and drop your attention into your heart.

When you focus on your heart as you breathe, remember that you do know....and your heart keeps you aligned with YOU. YOU are always autocorrecting to be exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what it is you are doing...and the reasons will become more and more clear, as you trust that process. We got this.

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