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Audacious Authenticity

It's Sunday, August 9th - and the monthly Clearing Circle is scheduled for this afternoon at 3:00 pm. Maybe you'll come?

As I woke this morning, I was receiving information about my next 'assignment.' Since all things exist simultaneously when not in this human 3D experience, I am always a bit amused at how I expect things will roll out. I took a walk around the garden, seeing dew-covered spiderwebs that became invisible the moment I attempted to capture them in a photograph. Seen. Unseen.

And the fragrance! So intoxicating...

Wafting across the breeze and teasing my senses. Smelled and gone.

Somehow, I am storing these experiences.

What will you be remembering from this time? What are you focusing on?

Are you able to hold the balance of extremes?

There are so many layers to our experience!

We are in a time when all of our activated chakras are merging to create a Lightbody, through the Heart, accessed from both Body and Spirit/Consciousness simultaneously.

So, if you are experiencing nausea, 'jet-lag,' vertigo, spaciness, or other symptoms of this nature, guess what?

This is all part of the assimilation.

As I was downloading garden photos, I found this lovely photo of Stacie's beautiful teacup, which I took yesterday, while visiting Webster, NH.

A friend had it made, as a gift, expressly for her.

I was taken with the ornate elegance and delicate shape, while simultaneously holding a hidden message - entirely in keeping with Stacie's sense of humor.

Seen. Unseen.

As we all move to a place of greater transparency, I know that humor and love will carry us a long way in acceptance and acknowledging all aspects of our authentic selves - and each other.

Tea-tag wisdom:

True friendship is when people know everything about you and love you anyway.

So, how will you embrace being offended today?

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