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It's Wednesday, July 29 and things have cooled off. I'm amazed and entertained at how the external weather can mirror my own internal processes...

When I was still really young (maybe 8yrs. old?) I remember my father suggesting it would be fun to practice "cloudbusting."

Have you ever tried it? Yeah...pretty wild!

Again: Where your attention goes, energy flows!

Which leads us to today: Gate 31: Line 6 Application

Exaltation: Actions which match the words and thus guarantees success. Leadership whose expression and action must be one and the same.

Detriment: A superficiality in application that borders on hypocrisy and is justifiably treated accordingly. The hypocrisy according to leading in words but not action.

I keep this photo of myself on the fridge.

It was taken as I was sitting on the edge of a cliff at18 yrs old in Monterey, CA.

Reckless? Maybe. Risky? Yeah. Those are some words...

How about this, instead: fearless, dynamic, bold, and trusting.

It's a good and constant reminder for me to stay on the edge and vigilant. Again: "actions which match the words and thus guarantees success; ...expression and action must be one and the same"

(Photo credit-below: Brenda)

It's how I've dealt with this life in Vermont and all of the adventures here...remember, I was a city girl, so things like septic systems, leach fields, springs, and wells were completely new and foreign. Concepts like sustainability and permaculture were completely foreign

Do you know where your water comes from?

And what happens when you flush?

Jenny shared this Chinese Proverb:

"A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it."

This fluidity of life experience is an opportunity for me to apply myself in creation: evaluating whether my words and actions are aligned in however I am applying myself; in whatever I'm doing and saying.

And this lovely card from Lori (a few years ago) is another good reminder to stay serene in the process....

....Even when I'm feeling ready to throw in the towel!

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