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Angels & ...Angels?!

It's Saturday, November 21st - another fun date: 11.21.2020, which is a '9' day of completion.

I like to have a fire on 9 days; they symbolize endings for me.

It's also the last Line of Gate 14:6 - Humility "Wealth and power at its most exalted.

Exaltation: The enlightened recognition that material success is God's will. Spirituality as the key to acceptance and the source of power. Detriment: All manifestations of this position are essentially positive. The Earth represents the existentialist recognition that material success was unavoidable and the humility engendered by such serendipity. Existentialism as the key to acceptance and the source of power."

Isn't that a good reminder?

Wealth and abundance as an opportunity to practice humility??

The other morning, as I was sorting through various books (perhaps an 'overabundance' of books, as I am a bibliophile)

I came across a few that caught my eye:

This title by Malcolm Godwin....

(when and where on earth did I pick this up?)

...and this this one by Paulo Coelho, whom I adore.

I was excited to start reading it, until I realized it was the third in a series.

What would you do in that moment?

Frustrating, right?

Would you call the library? Order it online?


Would you go back into the closet and trust that the first two titles were there?

Why, number three, of course!

First, however, you would get aligned with the right timeline, synching heart and mind, so that all systems would be operating with optimum coherence...

which also allows love for the angels AND the devils - such a good way to practice coherence authentically!

And then you would go look again...

...and there it is!

The first in the series.

Did I have it before I looked?

Or did I manifest it, because I desired to read it?

And, perhaps not even coincidentally, you'll notice it is 'a novel of forgiveness'?!

Yes. This is how amazingly today has flowed for me.

As we close out this Gate, recognizing that essentially all 'material success is God's will,'

then we can co-create with abundance and gratitude and model for others how it's done!

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