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It's Sunday, July 25th. We moved from 'root' to 'flower' late in the day, biodynamically; it's a '1' day, numerologically (I wore red for the Geomancy outing today!)

It's late now, and I've been up since 4:30am. I was on the sound table (thank you, Heather!), and during the music, I received directions for how this particular Clearing was to proceed. I was also told to 'Bring the heat.'

The whole morning felt like a wild ride...getting a picnic packed, collecting rocks, saying hellos, and goodbyes.

And then we ended up at today's site: The Hinsdale Historical Society - originally, Fort Hinsdale. I'm always amazed and grateful at seeing who shows up to participate!

It went well - and after we finished, one of the ladies who had been attending a monthly Board Meeting came out to see what we were doing...

It's fun to see how folks respond, really. Sharon mentioned that this Fort was located across and in the middle of two Forts on the other side of the river in Vermont, one of which was Ft. Dummer.

Again, such confirmation to me that this 'knitting together the bones' is happening...

After a fun picnic and lovely view of massive water lilies in front of 'Monkey Island,' we returned to the Barn for a cup of tea.

It feels a bit strange to have had no time at all to catch up on calls and emails this weekend, yet it was no surprise to have two friends call to share that they had connected in to this endeavor, energetically.

And both were able to bring a bit of further illumination regarding details, still wanting to be cleared. Both called within seconds of each other!! Amazing.

As we continue to navigate this Gate 31, I was drawn to this line describing it:

"Collective leadership is collegial, not hierarchical. It provides the vision for a new direction and shows others how to achieve it, rather than doing it for them."

I feel like this is what happened today. More modeling of collaborative interacting. Yes, I am in gratitude and amazement.

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