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Always Winning

It's Sunday, June 6th, 2021. It's an '8' day, numerologically (did you help someone less fortunate?) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

On this day in 1944, 'Operation Overlord' took place in Normandy - the Allied invasion against the Nazi regime, now known as D-day...d-day*b-bay*p-pay*q-qay...

As I looked at some of the information that is starting to hit Main Stream media, I think more and more folks may start waking up to the fact that we've been fighting an even greater invasion.

Are you hearing about them?

They are stirring up questions like:

Today is also the last (Left Angle/collective) day of "Gate 35.

By design, progress can not exist in a vacuum and is dependent on interaction. Life is a continuous cycle of experiences with beginnings, middles, and ends.

Line 6 - Rectification The energy to correct. Exaltation: The process of crystallization coupled with ambition that assures timely and effective correction. Progressive change that results from correction."

In addition, communication helps; here's a chart I came across this morning:

Which is the hardest thing for you to say:

  1. I love you

  2. I was wrong. I'm sorry

  3. I need help

  4. Worcestershire Sauce

  5. I appreciate you

  6. My conspiracy theorist friend was right...

I had the opportunity to have a Closure Ceremony this evening with an insightful young woman; after acknowledging that it's up to us to create our own situational/relational closure.

More than anything, it's 'loving detachment'... a 'good bye' vs. a 'bad bye.'

Ultimately, if we recognize this, we're always winning!

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