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It's Tuesday, October 20th so: 10.20.2020 - oh, such a fun pattern of numbers!

How was this day for you?

Today felt much easier than yesterday for me - even though it seemed100% busier.

Perhaps it was just that this energy was

"Gate 50: Line 2 - Determination Exaltation: The strength of purpose that can enjoy overcoming adversity to achieve its goals. The strength derived from maintaining one's values in the face of opposition or conditioning. Detriment: A discomfort with adversity that may lead to determined withdrawal. A lack of strength, where values are threatened by opposition or conditioning."

Right now it feels like the collective has been facing major adversity...and part of that has come from a complete disconnect from our values, as a result of manipulative conditioning and programming.

My sense of the value of these beads changed when I learned they most likely belonged to a Tibetan Shaman.

And obviously, Dave's truck has an altered sense of itself...(funnnny!!!)

As I considered this theme, I wondered if anyone else was noticing the many things that seemed to be shifting, changing - being altered, and adjusted?

How can you tell if it's a good change?

What do you do if/when it's not?

I am determinedly proceeding with what feels like it has the most value for me and with those with whom I connect. Every clearing brings an individual alteration to the collective's field.

Ultimately, humanity will recognize its worth does not come from money, fame, or status. Our sense of value will be forever altered in a good way, as we empower and assist each other, understanding the beauty of the Golden Rule.

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