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It's Friday, July 3rd and there are real changes happening - in lots of ways.

So, my theme 'Alchemie' (French spelling, which has all the letters in my name!) is really about noticing the process of change.

This morning I woke up with a leg cramp that was so intense, I could barely make it to the medicine cabinet (yes, this is what mine looks like!) My body knew it needed #8, which on a physical level addresses muscle cramps and pains - and on an energetic level: spiritual and esoteric development.

The relief was immediate and fell back asleep. The phone woke me and then I found the freezer was no longer freezing and the light was out.

I started the salvaging/pitching process: frozen fruit to flavor kombucha and mushy vegetables to the compost.

I then connected with a friend, who shared a story of such intense transformation, it boggled my mind and allowed me to start looking at the theme:

Total (systems) change.

Like St. John's Wort...which makes the most amazing red oil for healing (and can stain your fingers red while harvesting). Have you ever tried crushing these flowers with your fingers? It's really wild...

(I'll share some more info about this healing plant in another post!)

This afternoon I had a chance to dig up plants with Cynthia and we talked about really focusing on what serves us and letting go of what no longer works...even when it's really challenging. Because it's really about our whole paradigm collectively ascending through each individual.

Does that make sense? We're going through the squeeze right now. I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about it.

And after a bit more weeding & cleaning, I came in found the freezer working just fine!

What timeline did I shift? Was it really just about tossing some freezer-burned Brussel sprouts? Letting go and making space?

I'm feeling like there is a lot more fun to be had with this consciousness shift....what else is possible?

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