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It's Sunday, January 3rd. This weekend was full and fulfilling for me. How was yours?

Even as I take a moment of gratitude for all of the amazing experiences of this weekend, I also realize I'm pretty tired.

It also makes sense, as we are on the 5th day (Line 5) of Gate 38, with a 'Shadow of struggle' and 'Perseverance."Line 5- Alienation A stage in opposition when one is totally isolated. Exaltation: The ambition and concentration to endure. The energy to stubbornly fight alone."

Or...finish straightening alone.

How perfect to have received a few of Linda's beautiful scrolls - with this reminder:

Thank you, Heather, for collecting and sharing them. (Bonus second round, Linda!)

Now, even as I'm washing the tablecloth and washing up the last, random dishes, I'm reminded of a time of connection and gathering at the Cycles of Spirit Spiritualist meetings in Keene, NH, because reading these magic little scrolls is like a burst of nostalgic time- traveling.

Maybe, too, I'm amazed that we are already on day 3 of this year?

Being in a place of gratitude and amazement has carried me through the remainder of this day, after saying goodbyes.

After finishing the dishes, bringing in firewood, and celebrating this '9' day with a small fire, I checked the find this little Matroshka. (Am I spelling that correctly, I wonder?)

Another beautiful surprise and thank you.

I'm always touched to hear how people's lives are changing, as a result of Ancestral Clearing and Q17.

Are you hanging in there? The energy today has been really intense.

Doesn't a hot bath sound good? Maybe some Epsom Salts?

Rest up for the Monday/'1' day, tomorrow!

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