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Activities Director

It's Thursday, July 29th. It's a '5' day, numerologically (did you change up your routine?), and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically. I was up pretty early - taking dictation from Beyond again - and then making a picnic lunch for this afternoon's adventure.

As I made a pasta salad, I listened to a talk by Daniel Foor. This man sounds just like me (okay - not 'just like', because sometimes 'The Big Voice' comes through me....but his explanations are the understandings & info that I have received, too!)

Then, the 'Team' arrived and we headed out.

It was an amazing, full, magical adventure, which included sunshine, Calendar 1, Downtown Woodstock, Covered Bridges, glass-blowing, rain, and more...

We returned victorious and ready for tea!

It was fun to find a Juniper berry bouquet from Brigham on the counter, as we drank chai and decided what games might be fun to include for tomorrow's Fun Friday.

After everyone departed, I ran into Chester to touch base with Willow and Darlene at Preston's Pizza...and returned to have the rain coming down for real.

With thunder and lightning.

This feels like the wettest July in a loooong time.

Fully waterlogged, I came in to catch up on a bit of good news from Australia, eat an ear of corn ('leaf' day!) and clear the list of this morning's 'dictation' with Stacie.

Perfect for the last day (Left Angle) of "Gate 31.6 - Energy for leading or not is theme.

Line 6 - Application

Exaltation: Actions which match the words and thus guarantees success. Leadership whose expression and action must be one and the same."

I love leading in ways that are uplifting, fun, joyful, encouraging...and empowering.

Making the most of all emotions, situations, opportunities, and locations is such a happy way for me to lead - mostly by example.

So...please do let me know if you are in need of your own personal Activities Director!

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