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It's Friday, February 19th. It's a 'root' day, biodynamically, and a practical '8' day, numerologically. The sun moved into Pisces, yesterday, and the Celtic month of the Ash Tree began.

Also, it's snowing again. I am grateful that I live here in Vermont, where we expect snow in the winter and are prepared to handle it. Mostly.

I've always found this time of year a bit challenging, energetically. It's not Seasonal Affectation Disorder (or SAD), per se; I believe it has to do with being six months (or the opposite side of the calendar year) from my birth month. So: my death month.

Time to die to all of the things I thought I was supposed to be, do, have, remain and let go of all of the thoughts, relationships, habits that no longer serve.

With gratitude, of course.

Because, like the many mutations of a nymph, it's time to move out of the water and transmogrify (yes, that is really a word!) into a dragonfly.

Today we're in Gate 55:Line 2 - Distrust "Abundance hampered by slander or gossip. Exaltation: The gift of being able to penetrate to the center that may demonstrate effectively through its relating talents, that its trustfullness is genuine. Emotional stability and the strength of the spirit is dependent on being trusted by others."

I am so grateful for the Network of Lightworkers that are finding each other now, who are supporting one another in bringing truth and light to the world, to the hidden shadows, and to each other.

As we share resources, trust, and love, it makes the journey more easily bearable.

My word for you today is the first word of

The Lord's Prayer - in Aramaic.

ABWOON: the sound A (ah) connects to the Absolute, the One, the Only Being; BW is a process of giving birth through sound and vibration; OO connects us with our breath...

...and the way life changes from one form or state of being to another; N is a reminder that life creates itself new in every moment and expression (Douglas-Klotz p.16)

This is its own meditation and I invite you to chant this as a 'body prayer,' feeling the powerful energy through your entire being, trusting yourself and your Divine Connection.

Then you can have compassion for the slanderers and gossips.

What a time to be light and shine, huh?

Hey...if rocks can glow in the dark, right?

Just sayin'

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