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A Switcheroo

It's Friday, April 9th and today seemed to flow much better than yesterday. Turns out I do well with at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It's a '9' day numerologically, so I've been looking at what I can finish, and biodynamically, we have moved into a 'leaf' period from now through Monday at 11:00am.

Before Brandon arrived, I bottled up another batch of Eucalyptus Wormwood Tincture.

This has turned out to be super helpful for me - especially right now, with so many (energetic) parasites floating around.

As I worked, I contemplated a conversation I had with a client in Texas last night, who reminded me that: "seeing is believing."

"Actually", I reminded her, "in Quantum, believing is seeing!"

Later, as I worked on the bathroom, I found a small mouse skeleton. It was so delicate and morbidly fascinating, I had to share it here.

Did it know it was going to be trapped in the bathroom wall? That this was going to be how things ended?

For that matter, am I ready for life as I know it to end?

Wait. And. See.

It's taking everything that we know and changing it around: like, vaccines weren't brought in for covid; covid was brought in for the vaccines...See. And. Wait.

And today we arrive at the final day of Gate 51:Line 6 - Separation "Exaltation: In times of crisis when all those around are confused and in disorder, the ability not to succumb to the panic but to have the will and vitality to survive it alone. The power of the ego to meet challenges alone."

Gloriously, I will be celebrating with a number of folks this Fun Friday. Alone and together. All of the conspiracy theory misfits that all fit here - a true 'switcheroo'!

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