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A First Birthday Party

It's Saturday, April 24th; a 'root' day, biodynamically (those parsnips from Brigham were scrumptious roasted !) and a '6' day, numerologically (I did 'open my home' and welcomed 'guests with music and love'.) Happy Birthday, Nettie!

Do you love birthday parties? Do you remember any one in particular that stands out?

This was Nettie's first - ever, at 70, perhaps?

(A lady is not required to disclose her age...)

I felt really honored to be hosting it! Amazing friends/guests/soul-family.

It was a yummy potluck - with chocolate cake.

The entertainment was divining for her birthday presi (hilarious!), which took a while, so there was not as much time as I had hoped to play 'The Game.'

I am so grateful to be here to hold space and witness the coming together of beautiful humans who are both lovingly fearless and also 'eyes wide open' regarding everything that's going on in the world.

How lovely that this day reflects this sentiment energetically: "Gate 27:Line 4 - Generosity The natural sharing of attained abundance. Exaltation: Magnanimous and qualitative sharing. The gift of rewarding those who are deserving. The power and strength to share generously."

Power and strength; magnanimous and qualitative sharing....sounds like the lecture I listened to this morning - from over 60 years ago.

Keep up the good work, I say; the Universe will repay in kind!

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