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A Balancing Act

Today, Wednesday, April 15, I was outside cleaning up the edge of the pond. As I pulled weeds and cleared dead flowers I considered my decision-making process: what was my reasoning behind allowing some plants to grow and eliminating others? That question circled me back to a conversation with my son, yesterday, about why we think and believe what and how we do - and the actions we take in accordance with those beliefs.

How often do you engage in this type of thinking ...about your thinking? Or consider your metacognition? Are you always aware of your motivations?

I told him about a documentary that I had watched the other night: Out of Shadows (

From the time I first watched it, there were a few thousand views - now there are nearly six and a half million. It is the personal story of a stunt man in Hollywood, who began his journey of questioning....and some of his discoveries.

The reason I mention this is because we may have more and more questions arise in the next few weeks and months. We may have our own thinking challenged. Others, who are still functioning with the state-generated narrative might not be ready to have their world rocked.

And as the clean-up continues (both in my garden and elsewhere on the planet) it is more important than ever to be vigilant and use discernment.

So we don't throw out the truth with the lies, the good with the bad...and the frog eggs with the rotting weeds.

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