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A Balancing Act...

Today, Saturday, March 28th, my learning cohort through Southern New Hampshire University connected via a Zoom meeting. As public school educators, they have spent the last week figuring out how to move their students' learning out of a physical school building to a virtual platform.

It was a bit of a challenge for me. Not the connecting, certainly; more the pretense that we are all moving forward as if this is a 'business-as-usual' situation. Here we are, working through an amazing course in Organizational Leadership...while simultaneously, I am watching the organization of multiple realms shifting, changing, maybe even...being dismantled?

Of course, the good news is (yes, there is always good news!), this is the textbook we are using:

Isn't that great? Theory U (I think it could also be called... Theory YOU!). All about "Leading from the Future as it Emerges." Scharmer shares a method of starting with a current reality and aligning with a desired future.

Right now, for me, it's like knowing I have to simultaneously be in the middle of disintegration and reconstruction. And hold room for (and honor) both. Whew! Who can do that?

Honestly, I believe it is possible to overcome duality and dichotomies when we recognize and act from a place of unity and divinity within ourselves.

Seemingly, Scharmer agrees:

"In crossing the threshold, we step into our real power – the power of operating from our highest future Self; the power of connecting with “the beings who surround us.“ This deep connection has been described by different names in various wisdom traditions: the presence of Source (Taoism), natural state (Buddhism), Brahman (Hindu traditions), Yahweh (Judaism), Allah (Muslim traditions), God, Christ, the Holy Spirit (Christian traditions), or The Great Spirit (native traditions). All these terms name the same fundamental level of experience and describe a deeper state of being that can become present within us and through us, both individually and collectively. But for the presencing of this deeper field and connection to happen, we must first cross the threshold at the bottom of the U." (p.185)

What do you think? Can you recognize and own your Divinity?

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