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It's Saturday, January 23rd, 2021. It's an '11' day, numerologically - a Master Number and it was sunny and cold here!

It was also 'Back-to-(Zoom)Class' for me, this discuss this next semester of writing.

How funny is this: I happily write for myself every day for this blog - yet the idea of 'having' to write feels simply exhausting.

Is it because of the imposed structure?

Is it because of academic conditioning?

Is it because I am working my way out of all structures that feel organized and controlled externally, vs. intrinsically?

Have my priorities changed?

Does it still feel relevant? Valuable?

Is it time for a nap?

Turns out this is all totally energetically aligned with the collective energy of

Gate 41:Line 3 - Efficiency "In times of decrease selfishness is justified. Exaltation: Material ambition and the discipline to go at it alone. The energy that fuels the feeling for personal ambition."

So, after the Zoom, I picked up a new book (thank you, Chris!) and happily read about how to look at rest as a necessary part of sustainability.

Karen writes:

"There are five kinds of integrity:

  1. Physical Integrity is experienced when our bodies are healthy and vital.

  2. Resource Integrity is when we use our material resources in a sustainable way.

  3. Identity integrity is experienced when we feel that we can fully manifest the value of our authentic identity and we don't compromise who we are for the sake of money

  4. Moral Integrity is the courage to do the right thing and to make sure that your actions are honest and aligned with high principles and values

  5. Energetic Integrity is experienced when we consistently and deliberately rest and take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to engage in life in a sustainable way" (pps. 73-74).

Maybe today we can consider that being efficient is allowing for rest....

And also - live in integrity - and leave the rest!

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