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It's Thursday, February 25th. It's a '5' day, numerologically (be ready for change and surprise!) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically. It feels like a day of expansive exuberant energy, with an element of magnanimity ...that could be the moon in Leo.

A few days ago, Lynn sent a quick email wondering what stone I use to neutralize EMFs. I realize this is a good moment to share this info with y'all.

Are you aware of the impact of Electric Magnetic Frequencies?

Have you heard what is being shared with regards to 5G?

Years ago, I freaked out when I first heard about it - especially after seeing the movie:

Here, the 'Bad Guy,' played by Samuel Jackson plans to destroy humans by blasting a frequency through their cell phones, so they destroy each other.

Movies are billed as fiction, sci-fi, action, etc. and I also believe they are used as disclosure to let us know what's really going on.

To be sure, frequencies can be harmful. I also believe that we have the capacity to neutralize and overcome them, once we become aware and rise above fear.

Some years ago, after realizing how stones are here to help 'hold the heavy,' I consciously commanded/requested/programmed

some to assist me in holding the frequencies of our technology.

It doesn't matter what type of stone you use.

What matters is your awareness and intention.

I have a slate cheese board under my router.

My soapstone countertop balances the impact of my laptop.

I have a beautiful green stone Lazy Susan (not sure what type) that absorbs energy in the center of the room. A small square stone lives on a window sill, as a landing spot for my cell phone.

I believe we share co-creative power with Source. This earth experience allows us to awaken and use this power in ways that benefit ourselves, each other, and the planet.

This means there are numerous folks who are also creating other ways to address EMFs.

Is one better than another?


We can share ideas, however, you get to decide/create for yourself - and allow everyone else to figure it out for themselves.

Seems perfect with today's Gate 37:Line 2 - "Responsibility

Exaltation: The understanding of the principle of individual responsibility as the foundation for successful cooperation. The possibility of friendship through individual responsibility."

As we cooperate and share ideas, findings, and inspirations, we have the capacity to rise above what has been considered 'harmful.'

I'm learning and appreciating this chance to flex my creative muscle; becoming conscious of my personal responsibility in raising awareness and practicing empowerment.

How are you practicing empowered creativity today?

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