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It's Wednesday, March 24th. Today is a '5' day, numerologically (welcome change! Rejoice in the new!!) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically. Today marks my 365th consecutive blog post, which is pretty amazing to me...something to celebrate. Honoring and valuing the endings, as well as celebrating beginnings.

This morning I bundled up some little testers of recent herbal creations as gifts and headed towards Wilmington.

It's been over a year since I last had my hair trimmed and I also really enjoy catching up with this hair creationist.

Doesn't it make sense that you would want someone pretty enlightened cutting your hair - because they are all up in your crown chakra?

That is Patti....!

We talked about the state of the world and what each of us are doing to stay balanced, joyful, and connected to the BIG PICTURE.

Needless to say, it was lovely to see her.

From there I backtracked back through Dover for a cup of tea with Joan, whose lovely chickens reminded me of my girls.

They seemed so happy to be finding grass!

Then, reversing the loop again, I headed to Bennington.

Fortunately, the Bennington Aldi is not under construction.

I wondered if I were going to be accosted at any point for being maskless?

No! In fact, folks seemed especially happy to interact with me, as I smiled my way through the store. I must be holding less resistance in my energy field? It was a great 'litmus test,' of to my spiritual growth, as I consider everyone a mirror....

Perhaps it is also this new Gate 17?

"Line 1 - Openness Exaltation: The energy to sustain a broad spectrum of stimuli. The possibility of having many opinions."

Richard Rudd considers Gene Key 17 "The Eye": (Shadow)Opinion – (Gift) Far-sightedness – (Siddhi)Omniscience

This was the sentence that struck me, as I read through this Key this morning:

"Everything that happens follows the plan and the plan is perfect, and the plan is both predetermined and created as we walk the path" (p. 126)

What a magic day to complete year one of this blog!

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