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It's Saturday, July 24th, 2021. Happy Birthday, Chris!

Biodynamically, it's a 'root' day (potato crust quiche for breakfast) and numerologically, it's a '9' day. What's getting wrapped up today?

I honestly didn't sleep much last night - it felt like I was getting small electric shocks all night. And I was freezing. Is this my part in the bigger picture?

Energies of yesterday were addressed, so shifts and changes seem to be continuing!

The day progressed with amazing flow - folks appeared and conversed; took part in being in nature and in the ongoing sound-healing. Opportunities to share gifts and insights arose, as people talked.

In the back of my mind, I wondered what was happening with Mr. Pool's post (as he reminds us sometimes that things are reversed!) and I realized that 24/7 was today's date.

Also, I wondered what as happening with AcAfee's deathrigged exposure info...

Seems to be a lot happening behind the scenes.

More than anything, though, I was struck by the beauty of sunlight throughout the day - in every setting, every capacity.

Really. Isn't this amazing?!

So perfect for the New Gene Key we are moving into: Gene Key 31 Sounding Your Truth; (Shadow)Arrogance – (Gift)Leadership – (Siddhi)Humility

What a beautiful reminder from Rudd, too:

"... the collective is beginning to lead itself. Those frequencies that really catch the heart of the collective are coming through as collective voices and expressions, even though they are transmitted by individuals. The point is that those individuals have little or no self-interest. It is truly an extraordinary age that we are moving towards, and it is only those ready to make the leap into the heart who will inherit the huge benefits coming to us all."

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