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3 Amigos

It's Monday, July 26th, a 'flower' day, biodynamically, and an '11' day, numerologically. Love those Master Numbers, don't you? I feel like I was both inspiring and inspired by others today...and yes, mostly in threes.

This realization arrived with this fun photo (Thank you, 'Hurricane Heather'!).

I also had a chance to work with Dale and Linden in the garden -wow. So much happening on multiple levels.

Weeding, mulching, staking, thinning, and harvesting happened as we worked, chatted, joked, lost (and found glasses), and identified patterns to consider clearing.

Later, I reconnected with 'Z' and 'C' and found a few common themes.

One was very clearly the need to lie down on the grass - being horizontal in nature.

This requirement can come from a bossy 2-year-old, or a push from Spirit.

This must be an aspect of rebalancing the suppressed Self, needing to be addressed and activated. As I listened to Paul Wallis this evening, I found this theme - again.

Revisiting the'past,' uncovering and recovering aspects of Self, the literal 're-membering' of Heart, Consciousness, Will, ad Body are a potentially dangerous theme this week.

Personally, I know I have recently been integrating timelines from about 34 years ago.

Today's energy of Gate 31.3 supported this work:

"Line 3 - Selectivity Exaltation: The ability to carefully assess and choose the proper influence and to tailor one's behaviour accordingly. The capacity to lead enhanced through association with the proper influences."

Practicing how to work with (small) groups (of 3) allows me to see how to honor individuality and co-creation within a (small) collective. This is a good way to begin the week....just in case something explosive happens later on!

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