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2020 to 2021

It's Thursday, December 31st - New Year's Eve.

Thinking back to the beginning of this year...can you ever have imagined we would have reached now? This point in time?

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year (or at the very beginning of the New Year) is to take inventory of the 'milestones' and document them; these would be the events, understandings, relationships that were a bit remarkable and out of the ordinary. Then, I like to list some fun ideas, imaginings, goals to look forward to, for the next year.

One of the 'goals' I had set (back on January 2, 2020) was to write more. Ha!

It appears that goal might have been met!

Certainly, it has become a bit of a habit to share ideas, happenings, 'brain droppings,' here on this blog...

Will I continue? Hmm?

Very likely, yes.

I realize that this is a good way for me to hold extremes - and stay grounded.

It's also a super fun way for me to share my quirky insights.

For instance: today is an '11' day. Tomorrow is a '7' day. The value of Q17 is 117; the quantum energy of Unconditional Love that showed up for me, in October of 2018.

And: 2021 is a '5' year, a year of change.

Louise Hay's affirmation for a '5' year is:

"I welcome change and expand my boundaries."

As Gate 38 carries us from 2020 through to 2021, I'm struck by the timing:

"[This] gate exerts pressure on us and those around us to discover the value of our own lives. There must be a reason to exist, a purpose, and something to love that elevates struggle beyond simply surviving."

Powerful, huh?

So, like Louise encourages: "Make changes in yourself, your home, your lifestyle, your business. Make sure these changes benefit others, too."

I say - let's create change that benefits all of humanity and the planet. We can dream it, pray it, and co-create it into existence!

See you next year....

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