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Quantum Energetic Change Agent

Let us shine some light!

My life’s purpose is to illuminate blocks to freedom & transparency; to empower you in being and becoming more fully aware of who you are.

I consciously work with my Gene Keys, specifically with the 9th, The Power of the Infinitesimal, and have had great success guiding others in the use of their own. 

My path has been as fulfilling as it has been interesting, and it has encouraged skills that have been useful in encouraging others...

“The world of the metaphysical can be daunting for many.  Alice’s magic lies in her ability to translate complex ideas for the layperson while at the same time inviting experienced learners to grow! A seeker and a wise being - Alice is a natural teacher.”


—  Kathleen Dowd, MA


Contact Me

If you are interested in any of the services that I offer, or organizations that I'm associated with, please get in touch with me through the form, or by any of the other methods below.

By phone: 802.875.1717
By email:


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